Does this underwear make my butt look big?

10 May

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I look in the mirror and think, “Oh man, I need to lose ten fifteen twenty pounds, but I wish there was a simple way to make my ass even bigger!”  Well, now there’s a solution!

This product is ridiculous.  Most of those “befores” look a lot better than the “afters.”  And honestly, those fake booties look, well, FAKE.  But they sell it on HSN, so you know it’s a serious product women want.

HSN brings up some valid points:

  • If you have a concave butt, these are the panties for you!  I’d let them have this point, if only there were such a thing as a concave butt.
  • “It fills in those jeans that otherwise look like they’re flat!”  Maybe if you bought some jeans that fit you, not just the cheapest thing off the JC Penney sale rack, you wouldn’t have that problem.
  • “If you wanna go for the booty-licious mode, you could even wear both of them!”  Uh, what?  No.  Just no.
  • “It’s very believable… it looks like Nora has been doing squats.”  No, it doesn’t.  I looks like she shoved some old school maxi pads down the back of her pants.
  • Ok, this video is over nine minutes long.  I only watched to the three minute mark, because… seriously?  Booty fattening underwear?

Oh wait, I forgot HSN is the ugly step-sister to QVC, so they’re allowed to sell junk like this.

Bubba Sparxx would be all over this, though: Ms. New Booty


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