Mother’s Day

9 May

When you’re a kid and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolls around each spring, you wonder why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day.”  Then, as you grow older and realize the amount of work, money, and time that go into raising a child, you realize every day is a Kid’s Day and suddenly devoting only one day to each parent doesn’t even seem like enough.

My mother is a bit technology challenged and it took my moving away after the wedding for her to finally set herself up with e-mail.  I know she doesn’t read this blog, but I still want everyone to know how much I appreciate my mother.  It took her and my father a lot of time and effort into actually having my brother and I, so I appreciate her dedication to having a child.  I appreciate her raising me.  At the moment we have different philosophies on raising children, but I still appreciate her raising me to be a non-delinquent member of society.  I have the good morals and values it takes to raise a family of my own someday because of her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

She'd kill me for posting this, but I love this picture. Very symbolic of our relationship, she's always helping me when I need it most! Love you Mom! (Picture taken by Dana Marie Photography)


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