April 28, 2010 thru April 28, 2010

3 May


7:25 am – pull out of the driveway at my parent’s house in Buffalo.

7:26 am – receive phone call from my dad and turn back for the sneakers Chris left behind.

7:28 am – pull out again, this time we’re gone for good!

7:44 am – reach the thruway, on the way to Rochester to meet up with Chris’s parents to pick up a few last minute items that we have to wedge into our beyond capacity car

7:56 am to 8:15 am – I pull Mittens out of her carrier so she will stop crying.  She goes spastic on me.  By the time I put her back, my black shirt is covered in white cat hair.

8:19 am – my husband realizes I’m keeping a log – he’s on to me!

8:28 am – arrive at Bruegger’s, the meeting place.  Order delicious bagel and a plain one for Mittens because there’s nothing she loves more the bread.  Chris’s parents show up.  Exchange happens.  We fumble with the GPS…

9:13 am – leave Bruegger’s.

9:30 am – leave Rochester afters stopping at the Cracker Barrel to rent an audio book, Cold Choices by Larry Bond.  The book sucks and we stop after disc three of seventeen.

10:55 am – pull off thruway to try and get Mittens to go potty.  She refuses.  She gets put back in her carrier so she won’t go on me.

11:35 am – stop for first gas, off Rt. 15.  Hit 5000 miles on the car.  Getting 31 MPG.

12:17 pm – pass Reptile land.  Wondering how close we are to the Gosselin’s house?

12:30 pm – arrive at the Country Cupboard, my all time favorite place to stop on road trips.  We both get the buffet lunch, which I think is amazing but Chris doesn’t care for.

1:50 pm – I take a pit stop and glance around the huge shops at CC (which have been rearranged since I was last there) for ten minutes while Chris tries to get Mittens to go in the car.  She goes!  We hit the road again.

2:45 pm – stuck behind the world’s slowest driver on a single lane road with no passing.

3:44 pm – cross border into MD and miss the sign in my picture (I took a ton and probably annoyed a lot of people by mobile-ly uploading them to Facebook).

3:52 pm – see a license plate, “SASSYBAG”  Heh.

3:54 pm – enter W.VA, speed limit goes up, husband says, “I drive like a bat out of hell!”

4:14 pm – enter VA, speed limit goes down, husband’s mood saddens.

5:30 pm – stop for more gas.  I’m getting car sick, bored and fed up with the long-assed day my husband planned.

7:03 pm – stop for Subway for dinner.  Eat in the car.  The Garmin is telling us our estimated arrival time is 10:03 pm for our stop on North Carolina.  I am royally pissed that we couldn’t have done this in three days instead of two.

9:27 pm – finally arrive at our destination for the night.  Mittens sicks in her carrier so we put her in her spare, which she defecates all over in the five minutes from the car to the room.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  I give her a bath in the sink while husband unloads our bags for the night from the car.  I have a huge mental breakdown and tell him that we can’t go as long tomorrow.  He refuses to pay for another night, so we drive straight through to Miami the next day.

THURSDAY (log is much shorter due to frustration):

8:15 am – leave the hotel.  Ate a mediocre breakfast in the lobby.

12:20 pm – stop for gas, lunch at Sonic (a dream come true!), and Wal-Mart so Mittens can go potty.  She goes, and then steps in it and walks across my seat.  Super.

12:43 pm – back on the road, Chris eats while he drives.

Log ends.

We arrived in Miami around 7:30 pm, unloaded the car, and ate dinner at Taco Bell before going to Target.  I was exhausted and Chris has agreed to take three to five days on the drive back north in August.  We’ll be stopping to see some things, too, so hopefully that will be more like the road trip I had envisioned than the pain in the ass drive to Miami was.


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