We’re Here!

2 May

Just a quick post – we’re in Miami now until mid-August.  We got here late Thursday evening, unloaded the car, then grabbed some dinner and dropped a load of money at Target.  Friday we dropped even more at Publix, the grocery chain here.  The cart was so overloaded, it was a little embarrassing walking through the store with it!

The apartment is small, but nice. I’m still working on cleaning and unpacking so no pictures yet.  But working around the apartment here gets me thinking about the things I would do if I ever have the chance to build a house…

  • Have an entry way.  A door that opens directly into the living room is awkward for me.  I like  a buffer zone… I guess in case someone wants to break in?  I don’t know.
  • Have windows that face nothing.  Our kitchen and living room window face other apartments and people walk by them all day, so I don’t like opening the shades.  The bedroom window overlooks other apartments, but they’re a few feet farther away so I open those shades a smidge to get some natural light in.
  • Counter space!  But even more important, cabinet space!  Still trying to reorganize things so it fits and makes sense.
  • Shower curtain, not sliding glass doors.  They leak.  Huge puddles of water on the floor that don’t dry by the next morning.
  • Washer and dryer.  They laundry rooms here are out of order until “further notice” which I read to be “forever, bitches, come up with a plan B!”  Plan B is the laundromat next door.  I hate laundromats.  I haven’t gone yet even though my husband is running out of clean underwear.
  • Built in spice rack.  We haz one and I love it.  Please note: this bullet point is not a complaint.

I kept a travel log of our two day drive here.  I’ll work on that soon.  What was supposed to be a fun road trip turned into one of the most terrible days of my life.  Stay tuned!


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