Census Advertising

14 Apr

I particularly like this cartoon because it's historical. via census.gov

A lot of people around the interwebs are bothered by the government advertising the census.  They get all fired up because they think it’s a waste of money.

I used to work for an insurance agency.  Do you know how difficult it is to get people to send forms back?  Half of them just throw them out!  A little advertising (or in our case, polite but firm phone calls) goes a long way in getting people to do what the law requires.  The forms I was calling people about had to be on file according to the law.  Similarly, the census is required to be sent back… by law.

Also, the census comes around once every ten years.  It’s not like folks are used to sending them in.  A little reminder is good.  And since is it only once a decade, I think the expense can be spared.

So get off your high horses, fill out the census, and be happy the government isn’t calling you twice a week to get you to send it back.  They’re not trying to steal your information (trust me, they know where you are).  They’re just trying to allocate funds.  DO IT!  There’s only three days left!


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