Life is One Big Moot Point

10 Apr

*I’ll try to keep it at a minimum, but please pardon any offensive language in this post.

Remember a few days ago when I listed out great places for Ross students to shop on Grand Bahama Island?  And remember when I said I was going to create a post of great restaurants to eat at?

Well, I’m not going to anymore.  I was writing these posts, and technically the whole reason I started this blog, to help other Ross Wives get settled on this Island.  And as of April 23rd they’re shutting it down. So no one really cares about what restaurants I think are good to eat at around here, or which beaches I think are the best.

I’m not going to get into the how or why it’s being shut down because anyone reading this already knows.  Basically, California won’t vote on approval until later and due to decreased enrollment Ross are suspending operations

They had a meeting yesterday with everyone to explain what was going on.  I wasn’t at the meeting, but I heard a lot about it in rants afterwards.  Some honcho from Devry was here to talk it out and claimed there were only ten people who wanted to come to this campus next semester.  That is a blatant lie.  The survey e-mailed to students indicated a much greater interest in this Island.

Said honcho evidently had to leave early to catch a plane.  That is not professional behavior.  When you fly to a different country to deliver bad news, you stay for the whole damn meeting.  You schedule your fucking flights ahead of time properly so you can be in town for all of your business.

He sent an e-mail out last night apologizing for leaving the meeting early, claiming he tried to change his flight but there were none available the next day and he had to get home to his ailing wife.  There are flights out of this Island everyday.  He could have found a way.  I don’t know if I believe him about his wife; I can give him the benefit of the doubt, but I read the e-mail and it came off as a very flimsy excuse.

Regardless, he came to deliver the bad news that the campus was shutting down.  For 4th Semesters, that means you damn well better pass your exams or you’re going to have the same fate as the 3rd Semesters.  They’re all being sent back to Dominica.  I had my suspicions this was going to happen and I knew the 3rd semesters were going to be suitably angry, but I had no idea the 4th semesters were going to take it equally hard.

I can only imagine what that must feel like, to have been on Dominica, to have come here and seen how much better it is in so, so many ways, and then to be told that because, essentially, the school doesn’t care about you at all, you’re being sent back to that “floating turd” as Chris calls it.

Ross University has long been known to solely profit from its students.  It doesn’t care much about their wellbeing and when they look at students they don’t see future doctors saving lives, they see big dollar signs.  Last year Ross University made a profit of $150,000,000 off their students.  They don’t want to lose money by keeping this campus open for one more semester.

They’re going to lose a lot of money by shipping these students back to Dominica.  The students have their balls to the walls and negotiations are surely going to work out for the student’s benefits, not the school’s.  They were offered half of their tuition for the next semester, but I think the school knows they’re going to have to do more to make up for this.

Ross is going about this the whole wrong way.  They could have retained a couple teacher’s for this next semester to get the six 3rd semester students through 4th.  Hell, I think, though some disagree, that they could have even made room for them in Miami.

Ross couldn’t have go the timing worse for this hullabaloo yesterday.  Earlier in the week a student’s life was lost on the Dominica campus due to a scuba diving accident.  The memorial service was yesterday, right after the meeting.

A group of us went out for the most depressing and tense Happy Hour ever.

Someone said while we were out, “We all had a shitty day,” and they were right.  But I have met a lot of the students from this campus and they’re all strong people.  I know they will all get through this.  It sucks right now, but in the end it will be okay.


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