Grand Bahama Shopping Guide

6 Apr

For any future Ross students/wives who may stumble across my blog.  I tried to put it in Google search, so who knows, it could happen.


Places to skip:

  • City Market – it’s the supermarket in the same plaza as campus, so it’s pretty tempting to shop there because it’s convenient.  Unfortunately, this is the supermarket tourists are directed to, so the prices are very inflated.  Aside from that, the store isn’t very clean and the produce is always on the verge of going bad.  There were some problems with the deli counter this past semester and you shouldn’t buy meat from it.  Their frozen meat is fine if it looks ok, as long as it’s from the U.S. Do not eat Bahamian meat.  A local told me that, so I believe it.  City Market is good if you have to grab a couple of things during/after studying on campus, but otherwise skip it.

Places to go:

  • Cost Rite – a great place to go to buy things in bulk.  It’s like a club store (think BJs) but there is no membership.  This is a great place to buy cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper and things like that.  I bought all our chicken breasts there, too.  The giant bag of Tyson skinless, boneless chicken breasts has about twenty or so in it and costs about $23.  It’s a great deal and you know that chicken isn’t going to make you sick.  It tastes really good, too.  We also bought shredded cheddar cheese here in 3lb bags because we use it a lot in cooking.
  • Sawyer’s – This is where you’re going to do want to do the bulk of your grocery shopping.  The store is new, very clean and well lit.  Their produce is all from the U.S. and very, very fresh.  You can buy fruit inexpensively here, as well as some vegetables.  Potatoes are usually a good deal, too.  Besides the produce, regular groceries are pretty well priced for the Island.  64 oz bottles of Gatorade are usually on sale 2/$5.
  • Solomon’s – I never got there myself, but I have heard you can find some good deals there.
  • Butler’s – it’s a specialty import store and the prices reflect that, but we found egg noodles there when we couldn’t find them anywhere else.  They also have a big variety of Hostess cakes and lots of other bad for you but yummy treats.  Chris got some special cheese here, too.  At Easter they had a ton of candy, baskets, etc.  A word of warning: if you’re going to shop here, you need to check the dates on everything before you buy it.  Lots of their canned goods sit on the shelves dusty and expired.  I’ve never had any meat from their butcher shop so I can’t attest to it.
  • Thompson’s Family Market – it’s a small market but it has lots of good things in it.  They have a small selection of produce that for the most part is fresh.  I found some amazing, amazing humus here, as well as some Nutella.  They have a bakery and a butcher counter.  The baked goods are scrumptious but I have not tried the meat.  We only discovered the amazingness of this market a few weeks ago.  They have some important Italian things and also a wine shop attached to it.  Lots of good things at mediocre prices.  The woman who owns it is very nice.


Places to go:

  • True Value – It’s not just a hardware store.  They have any kind of houseware you might need, but you will pay for it.  I got a ten pack of wash cloths there as well as a potato masher and water bottle.  The water bottle was a little pricey for what it was, but bottled water is expensive here and it’s more green to refill your own.  They carry a wide selection of baking pans and such, which Cost Rite also carries.  I couldn’t say which one was cheaper, probably Cost Rite, but we bought a lot of foil pans this semester.  It was cheaper than buying a real pan, we could reuse them two or three times before we had to throw them away, and we don’t have to worry about trying to get them back to the States.
  • The Strawberry Patch – it’s located in the same plaza as the University and is the place to go to get things to spruce up your apartment.  They have candles, place mats, melamine dishes, and a variety of other goodies.  Everything costs around $2, $2.50 each, so it’s a real good deal.  I found some Easter stuff there this year as well as some candles.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.  I hope this helps someone somewhere.  Coming soon: A Grand Bahama Restaurant Guide.


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