Happy Dyngus Day!

5 Apr

I hope those of you who celebrate Easter had a good holiday.  This was our first Easter together and we celebrated alone.  The third semesters had some time off and some of them got to go home and celebrate with their families, but Chris has a pretty hectic schedule from now until the end of the semester.  He has an exam tomorrow, then another the next week, and a final on the 22nd.

Anyway, we had a pretty low-key, relaxing holiday.  We slept in until 12:30!  While Chris was in the shower the Easter Bunny came to visit him, but he seemed to skip over me.

I snuck around town last week trying to find things for his basket. He was surprised!

Anyway, after getting clean, I made us some brunch which included some delicious Monkey Bread, which Mittens stole several chunks of for her own eating pleasure.  Silly kitty.

It was  gorgeous Easter Sunday.  Temps in the upper 70s and very sunny.  Since Chris decided to take the day off from school (a big deal considering all the upcoming exams!) he wanted to fit in some time for his new hobby… photography.  We went up to the International Bazaar, which was hit by a storm at some point in the past and is mostly abandoned and falling apart now.  He got some good shots and I’ll post one if he ever e-mails them to me.

EDIT:  Here is his favorite shot:

We came home and made some lamb crown roast for dinner.  Neither of us had ever cooked anything like it before.  As per the norm when we cook meats, it was undercooked and had to go back in the oven.  But it tasted pretty good and looked very pretty.  First thing to buy in Miami: a meat thermometer.


So Easter is over and today is Dyngus Day!  What is Dyngus Day?  The only reason I know is because I’m from Buffalo and I am part Polish.  Dyngus Day is a big deal in the Buffalo Polish community.  Here’s the Wikipedia link to help you understand, as well as this year’s event site.

So go get some buckets of water and pussy willows and celebrate!

PS:  I’ve noticed my readership was up the past few days.  Only about a quarter of the hits were from references like my Facebook page and my siggy in The Knot/Nest forums.  The rest have no reference so I can only assume that people have bookmarked my blog and keep coming back.  Thank you!  Please feel free to comment and rate posts, I love the feedback!


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