Today Sucks

1 Apr

I apologize in advance, but the first part of this post is a whiny LiveJournal post and here it is:

Today sucks.  It’s Maundy Thursday, which is pretty depressing, but it’s also April Fool’s Day and I’ve already had one cruel joke played on me today, which I will not under any circumstances share because it was a bit traumatizing.  AF is scheduled to visit this Sunday, so that sucks, and I have a ton of housework to do that piled up while I was sick.  If I want to make this place look presentable on Easter (even though it’s only the two of us) I have to get cracking on it today and I’m pretty much wiped out of energy because of all the aforementioned reasons.  Oh and I was also woken up at 7 a.m. again but that guy…

Dear Sir in the parking lot across from my bedroom window,

I truly appreciate that you like to listen to radio news because in my opinion too many people don’t pay enough attention to the news.  However, the fact that you have to do it right next to my bedroom window with your car doors open and the radio blasting so I can hear the words while you stand next to your car is not the most ideal way to go about it.  This is at least the third time you’ve woken me up with this, although I am grateful that today you didn’t play the heavy rock music after the newscast ended.  In the future, why don’t you try listening to your radio by sitting in your car with the windows rolled down, radio at a normal volume.

Thank you for your understanding,
Ross Wife


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