The Baggy Shirt Diet

18 Mar

Want to diet without giving up your favorite foods?  Or making people think you’ve lost a ton of weight when actually you haven’t?

This is the diet for you!  I was out with some cool people the other night (one of my favorite evenings spent here so far) when Chris’s friend Perri mentioned this awesome idea.  I told her I would blog her future diet phenomenon, so here it is:

The Baggy Shirt Diet:

Step one: Buy some shirts.  Shirts multiple sizes bigger than you would normally wear.

Part B: Start with the biggest shirts.  Wear them for a bit.  (You might consider adding padding on your stomach to fill them out.)

No. 3: Progressively wear smaller shirts over a somewhat long period of time.  (Remove optional padding.)

IV: Get back into your normal size shirt.  You will look like you lost a ton of weight without doing anything at all!

Wow, that was easy!  And I feel great and have so much more energy!


Sadly, this diet is only good for deception and I’m not sure if anyone can actually get away with it.  I think the only solution to losing weight is to count your calories and up your exercise.

Sometimes I look at pictures of me from my Freshman year of college and they make me sad because I was so thin.  I put on some pounds when Chris and I got serious.  I need to drop them for several reasons, so I started a diet two or three days ago.  So far I suck at dieting.  Those calories add up fast!  But I bought some carrots yesterday, so maybe that will cut some calories today.  I’m hesitant to blog much about my attempt to lose weight in case I fail.  Today I’m going to try harder.

EDIT:  I just realized I can’t try harder today because my darling husband made my chocolate chip pancakes for lunch.  According to MyPlate on, I now only have 304 calories left for today.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially since there is a FREE Happy Hour (score!) tonight.  Tomorrow I HAVE to do better.  I’ve been over on my calorie allotment since I started!


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