Spring Break!!!1!!1 And some marital advice.

9 Mar

ZOMG, everyone, it’s Spring Break here on Grand Bahama Island.  Yesterday was mini-2, which Chris dominated, by the way, and they all went out to celebrate last night (I stayed in because I felt like crap; thanks AF!).  Anyway, I heard tell that there were tons of drunken college kids roaming around Port Lucaya last night.  I saw it for myself today when we went to Agave for lunch.  Dozens and dozens of youngsters with no shirts on, no shoes on, flimsy cover-ups, a beer in each hand, and at least twelve whipped boys carrying their girlfriends oversized Victoria’s Secret tote bags.  And it was only 1pm, so who knows how many more were sleeping off last night.

Actual picture I took in January. Yes, the water is that blue.

And now for some partially relevant marriage advice.  I haven’t been married very long (two months and seven days to be exact) but I do know one thing for sure: your marriage will not be successful if your husband is on a short leash.  I felt like crap last night, but I didn’t make my husband stay home.  Instead I encouraged him to go let off steam with his friends because he has been holed up on campus studying for over twelve hours a day for the past two weeks.  The man needed some air!  His friends told him how amazing it was to have a wife that allowed him to go out without her.

Here’s what won’t work and I say this from local observations: giving your husband a curfew and not allowing him to make any social plans without asking you first and inviting you along.

Husbands: Sure it would be common courtesy to check in with the wife before planning to do something huge, but you don’t have to ask permission to go out for a drink and you don’t always have to take your wife.

Wives: Keeping your husband on a short leash is sure to breed secret resentment.  Furthermore, have you ever heard of a thing called trust?  You cannot, absolutely cannot, have a successful marriage or relationship without trust.  Forcing your husband to be home by a certain hour does not indicate you have trust for him.  Not allowing him to go out without you once in a while really proves you don’t trust him.

Trust your husband, let him breathe, and for goodness sakes, HAVE A FUN SPRING BREAK!!!!1!!


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