This Ross Wife has a plan!

3 Mar

Being that I started this blog under the guise of advice and tips for future Ross Wives, I might as well post about something Ross related.  Yes, this post has a lot of tags because there’s a lot of action going on.  As my tagline says, “A Ross Wife never knows where she will be in six months.”  Well, generally that’s true, but I now know where I will be for the next seven months.  This is huge!

That Dear Husband of mine was waiting to find out if he would get a free ride in the Falcon review program in Dallas.  Review for the USMLE STEP exam.  If you’re a Ross Wife and you don’t know what that is… you fail.  Anyway, turns out Falcon doesn’t give out free rides if you’re the rep, that was just a rumor.  The man who visited campus to promote the program said he would do what he could, but Chris finally decided no matter what they offer him, he’s definitely doing the Falcon review program.  Sweet, that tells us what we’re going to do after 5th Semester!

Then, the piece de resistance, Chris tells us we’re going to Buffalo while he finishes studying and he can even take the exam in Buffalo!  Then we wait a couple weeks for the results and placement.  Bam, I know where I’ll be in seven months, though after that is a big mystery.  Not only that, but Buffalo is my homeland.  It’s my most favorite place ever.  Not only that, we’ll be there in the fall!  Now, I’m sure the south has hot scorching terrible lovely autumns, but nothing beats a fall in the north.  The crisp air, the changing leaves, the smell, the everything!  I get to celebrate my birthday with my family and pass out candy on Halloween!

How about a timeline of what we’re doing:

Now – April 22nd: finishing 4th Semester

April 23rd: A nine-hour day of flying with Mittens.  I apologize in advance to our fellow passengers.   No, I don’t know how such a tiny cat can have such huge lung power.

April 24th: Drive to Rochester.  Pick up crap.  Spend time with in-laws.  Hopefully get home before 8pm.

April 25th: Spend time with my family.  Pack.  Try to fit everything into the tiny Scion.  Fail.  Try to decide what we can leave behind.  Briefly consider strapping Mittens to the roof.  Go to Sears and buy a turtle.  Finish packing car.  Try to sleep.

April 26th: Drive to Rochester.  Have brunch with in-laws.  Try desperately to get on the road before 11 a.m.  Actually get on the road by noon.  Drive to one of the Carolinas and stay over night

April 27th: Drive to Miami.  Chris wants to move in right away that night.  I think it’s going to be very late.  I’d rather stay in a hotel and move in in the morning.  We’ll see who wins that argument.

April 28th for about a week: Chris studies for a cumulative exam that happens on the first day of 5th Semester.  What a bummer.

5th semester happens.

Early August sometime: 5th Semester ends, we take a week to drive to Dallas, TX for the Falcon review.  We’re planning on spending a couple days in New Orleans, LA.  We’ve both always wanted to go there.  Question is: Will we find the courage to take a tour of The Myrtles?  Answer: 99% chance we won’t.

The Myrtles Plantation: Arguably one of the most haunted spots in the U.S. So haunted even the SyFy show Ghost Hunters declared it so; and they're tough critics.

August 16th – October 1st: Falcon review for Chris.  Tuition includes your hotel and a meal plan at the hotel.  Mittens and I will be living in a hotel room for 7 weeks with room service included.  Good thing they have a gym and pool!  Still, I anticipate boredom for both of us.

Is Dallas as awesome as it looks?

October 2nd – October 4th: Drive to BUFFALO!

October 4th – mid-November:  Chill in Buffalo, be awesome, do awesome things.  Have an awesome birthday, go to The Great Pumpkin Farm, visit Rochester for Meliora (Alumni) Weekend, pass out candy on Halloween, drive around my Scion in the cool sun.  My mood will improve ten fold.

Then who knows!  I’m so happy to be spending time in Buffalo that I keep forgetting about the seven months between then and now.

PS: Picnik is my new best friend!


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