17 Feb

Oh my goodness I haven’t posted in days.  Here’s one for you about nightmares.  I don’t know what it is, but ever since I’ve gotten to the island I’ve been having more nightmares, at least one a night.  Last night I had two that I can distinctly remember.

The first one, which I had while Chris was in the shower, took place over mixed times, for a lack of a better way to describe it.  I must have been a few years younger because I was at my parent’s house with my brother waiting for my mother to return from the dentist.  Outside were a bunch of high school juniors, all girls.  They were messing around and I was trying to tell them to get off our property.  They were on the lawn and getting closer to the door.  Finally they just came into the house and started tearing it apart.  It was like they were having  a party.

So finally, after shouting at them to leave didn’t work, I decided to call 911.  I get the operator on the phone right away (which is strange because in my dreams when I dial 911 I often get no answer).  She tells me that the easiest way to get them out of the house is to sit at the kitchen table and ignore them.  I tell her “Hell, no, you don’t understand – they’re tearing up my house!  I need a better plan.”  No response.  “Hello?  Hello!?”  She’d hung up on me (now that’s more characteristic of my dream 911 calls).

Meanwhile the front door is being left hung open by the girls who are coming and going as they please and I’m having a hard time keeping Mittens indoors.  This is where the times don’t line up because a few years ago I didn’t have Mittens.  Anyway, she ran out but we got her back.

Luckily the police arrive, but they arrive for the house two doors down.  They’d been called to that house for something or another and the 911 operator hadn’t told them to come over to our house.  It get’s a little foggy here, but somehow we got them over to the house and they tell the girls to move on their way.  They capture seven and leave them upstairs in my bedroom alone, telling me that they girls were caught trying to steal and they’re going to do a cavity check on them before they let them leave.  This is a relief to me.

Then my mother comes home from the dentist, shocked to see the police there but everything is pretty much under control, though there is a mess to clean up.  She tells me that the dentist quoted her thousands of dollars to have my cavity fixed over a three-day period.  Then I wake up.

What.The.Fuck.  Now I don’t know how to analyze dreams and I think most dream analyzation is crap anyway.  But I will tell you this: I hate high school girls.  Well, let’s not discriminate, I had all high schoolers.  I have a fear of not getting through to 911 when I need them.  I am afraid Mittens will get out, get lost and I will be blamed for it.  I don’t like people infringing on my property.  I think I have a cavity and I’m afraid that if I don’t do something about it it will get worse and I’ll need a root canal.  But I don’t trust the dentists here, so I’m stuck.  And, this one is hard to admit, I miss my parent’s house a little.  So I can see where the dream is coming from, but how it manifested itself is pretty strange.

The second dream I had after Chris left for ICM this morning.  I had the Spa channel on XM Radio while I slept, but that seems pretty irrelevant aside from the fact that since I have started sleeping to this I haven’t had any nightmares.  It’s a very relaxing station and I find it good for quelling my night-time panic attacks.

This second dream was wedding related.  Now, my wedding was over a month and a half ago, so I thought I was done with wedding related dreams.  Evidently not.  It started while we were at the reception.  It was about 11pm at night and the ballroom was empty except for the wedding party and my parents.  The party was supposed to go until midnight but for some reason people had cleared out of there.  We were kind of standing around like, “Well, now what do we do?”

We had set out a giant (and delicious looking) sheet cake for guests to nibble on as a late night snack or to take home with them if they wished.  It was sitting in the middle of a huge, high quality wooden table.  And then in walks some people who I am never too thrilled to see.  They had with them a sheet cake of equal size and flavor, but had written on it “Happy Birthday [son]!”  Their son’s birthday was the day after our wedding (though it is not in real life), so they felt it perfect fine to bring in a huge cake for him and sing happy birthday for him right in the middle of my wedding.

So I turned to my mother, who has always agreed with me about things that are inappropriate when it comes to weddings (like Honeymoon Registries) and I say to her, “This is so inappropriate!”  Well, she didn’t say anything back so in a sense she was disagreeing with me.  I thought to my self, “If my own mother thinks there is nothing wrong with this, maybe I am over reacting.  I should ask the girls on the Knot what their opinion is.”

Well I was fed up and had to pee really bad, so off to the bathroom I went to pee.  When I got out of the stall I noticed the rest of the wedding party was milling around and my parents.  Apparently this was a unisex bathroom.  I washed my hands and asked why everyone was there.  Was there anyone left in the ballroom?  Was it over?  Yes, they said, it was over and they were tired and they were all going to bed.

I just started bawling.  The wedding was over and I couldn’t remember what happened and I wasn’t tired and I didn’t want to go to bed, I wanted to party!  What’s worse is my husband was no where in sight.  Then the phone rang and woke me up, thank goodness, because I have a feeling that whole situation could have gotten a lot worse.

So those are my two nightmares from last night.  Strange and stranger.


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