It’s Olympic Time!

12 Feb

The last time the Winter Olympics were on I was a Freshman in college.  A lot of people spent time cooped up in their dorms with their friends, watching the Olympics obsessively.  That was the first time I realized people actually paid a lot of attention to the Olympics.  I was never really into it.  For some reason I’m drawn to them this year.  I particularly enjoy the hats the Americans are wearing, the knitted ones with moose on them.  I tried the official Olympic store online and the Roots store, but was unable to find them.  Let me know if you know where they are, I want one!

Interesting things about the Olympics:

  • This might be the first time the games are interrupted by a moose.
  • Hotels quickly ran out of space, so several of the participants are staying in igloos.
  • Sarah Palin thought the Olympics were being held in her country because she could see them from her house.
  • Someone might just get eaten by a polar bear.  Stay tuned.

All joking aside, the Olympics this year started with a terrible tragedy.  A Georgian ice luger was killed when he lost control of his luge and was thrown into a metal column.  Why they had to show the video during the opening ceremony pre-show is beyond me, but it was just heart stopping to watch.  He was only 21, but if you have to go young, I think dying in pursuit of your dream is a good way.  My thoughts are with his family and country.

Two other ice lugers have died during the history of the event and several others have been injured.  Something should be done to make the event safer.  I think perhaps taller, padded walls around the track would be a good start.  Sure the athletes are taking on some risk by participating, but everything should be done to make them as safe as possible.

So far the opening ceremony has been pretty underwhelming to me, especially compared to the show Beijing gave two years ago for the Summer Olympics.  It seems to be getting underway now though, so we’ll see.


One Response to “It’s Olympic Time!”

  1. euandus February 13, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    I think the track being the fastest is part of it. People just can’t resist it, even if it does stretch things too far. I’ve just posted on this. Here is the link in case you are interested.

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