A Sweet Moment From Today

12 Feb

Today Chris and I took a trip over to Sawyer’s (the cleaner, fresher, less expensive grocery store) and they were selling roses for Valentine’s Day.  They don’t normally sell flowers.

So we’re standing next to the instant mashed potatoes trying to decide if they look too sketchy to eat, when this guy comes up to me, hands me a rose that I can only assume he bought, and tells me “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  I was shocked because nothing like that has ever happened to me.  So I said “Thanks,” and he walked away.  I think Chris was a little put off by the whole thing.

We were pretty confused actually.  Did he want us to pay for it?  But they didn’t charge us for it on the way out.  So now I have this random rose.  Chris asked if I was going to put it in water, but I told him that I don’t have any sentimental attachment to it, so probably not.  We have to keep it away from Mittens anyway.


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