Three Things on TV Tonight

1 Feb

1.  Dateline:  is running a story about residents in Arkansas.  I had no idea this was coming on; I just happened upon it while channel surfing and had to stop because it could not be anymore relevant to my life.  The Dateline people followed these residents for a year.  They are working 30 hours shifts, talking about how when they leave they can find their cars in the parking lot.  They are too tired to figure out how to leave the parking ramp.  They are drinking energy drinks that are illegal in fifteen states.  They are going through emotional stuff.  I can’t imagine having a life where I would have to do any of those things and it just gives me even more respect for the young doctors who do it.

And even more respect for my husband who will be living this life in a year.  It is hard for me to imagine it now, knowing that he will be gone from home thirty hours and a time.  I worry about him incessantly because I am a worrier by nature, but I think I really have to start working on that.  If I worry about him driving home after shifts I’ll end up in the hospital as one of his patients.  I’m seriously just in awe of these young doctors who can do this and do it well.

I remember seeing a story on the news a couple years ago about how detrimental the lifestyle of a resident is to patients.  When you have been awake for over twenty-four hours your ability to think clearly and make life-altering decisions is vastly decreased.  There are patients who are lost simply because the residents haven’t slept and were not capable of making those decisions properly.  At the time there was talk about making thirty hours shifts illegal and cutting them in half.  A fifteen-hour shift is huge, but certainly more doable.  I haven’t heard anything about legislation since then.

2.  The Grammys:  I think what bothers me the most about award shows in general is the treatment those who have passed away in the past year get.  If you died you will be nominated and you will win.  If you were already nominated and you died you will win no matter what.  I don’t know for sure if Michael Jackson is nominated for anything, but if he is he will win.  I should find a bookie and gamble on that.

3,  19 Kids and Counting:  The Duggars are having a special show tonight about the birth of their nineteenth child.  It was a serious ordeal and I think both mother and baby’s lives were danger.  I can only hope that this incident will convince them to slow down the baby maker.


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