Hell On Four Paws

30 Jan

I was unable to announce my big news yesterday because we were just so busy with it!  We adopted a kitten who we have renamed Mittens.  She was brought into the shelter by someone from a local school who found her abandoned on November 4th.  We think she’s about twelve weeks old now.

When we brought her home she started cuddling up to Chris right away.  In that sense, she is definitely his cat.  New kittens like to hide though, especially Mittens because she’s extra shy, and she unfortunately found the spot under the bed.  The bed here is strange, it has two chunky supports that run the length of the bed on either side, leaving a narrow space running from front to back about a foot wide.  I meant to block it off before we brought her home, but I forgot.  She crawled in there and would not come out.  We thought we would leave her there until she decided to come out on her own, but it was very dusty underneath and she was having multiple sneezing fits.  It came to the point where we had to disassemble the bed, pull her out, put her in her carrier, reassemble the bed, and block off the opening.

She tore up both our necks, shoulders, and backs with her claws.  Chris trimmed them, but it didn’t seem to help.

We watched a movie with her and she was very cuddly and sweet.  But when we wanted to turn the lights out and go to bed, that’s when our hell on four paws showed up.  She screamed, sneezed, whined, wheezed, and screamed some more.  She crawled all over us and finally she curled up and slept for about an hour or two.  She then started fits again.  Around five-thirty she was at the foot of the bed again and she was clawing at it like it was her litter box.  I told her it wasn’t her litter box and she left the bed.  I moved my foot and BANG, huge wet spot.  This after the shelter assured us that she knew how to use the litter box.

We were less than thrilled to have to change the sheets and dry the mattress at 6 a.m.  Having had no sleep for myself at all, I put her in her carrier and put it in the hall for the rest of the night.  I got about three hours of sleep.

We’re letting her explore the rest of the apartment today, so far she’s just been wandering around.  We’ll see how it goes.  I would hate to have to take her back to the shelter, but if we can’t get her to learn before the end of the semester we might have to.


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