Officially a Ross wife!

25 Jan

I haven’t updated in a while.  I was a little busy getting married and moving out of the country, but now here I am on Grand Bahama Island where it is illegal for me to work.  I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands and figured it’s about time I get back to this blogging thing!

The whole wedding weekend was fantastic!  Now I’m a big proponent of the theory that “you only get one day, not a week, a month, or year” but we had wedding events all weekend and it turned out fantastic.  Being that we got married on January 2nd, about half of our wedding party was in town on New Year’s Eve.  We all went to Dave & Buster’s for dinner and games and I’ve never had such a good time that late at night or sitting at a bar.  The next day we spontaneously met the same people for a very casual lunch at Taco Bell, which was also great.  That evening was the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner.  The wedding party and their dates sat at one long table, while the rest of the guests at the dinner sat at another.  We were commenting that it felt like we were at the kids table.  We ate, drank, and joked all evening.  Another fantastic day!

The next day was wedding day and it was surprisingly not filled with drama.  Something always has to go wrong on a wedding day though, and for me it was the makeup artist.  She had pneumonia and came into work anyway.  I was praying that none of us would come down with pneumonia from here!  So far we’re all still healthy, though I have developed a bit of a cough.  Aside from the fact that she was sick, she did the makeup terribly.   I understand that it should be a bit heavier for the photographs, but she really caked on the foundation.  She gave all the bridesmaid’s bright violet eyeshadow (haphazardly smeared on I might add) with army green eyeshadow!  And she knew their dresses were navy blue.  They all washed their eyes when we got back to my house and redid their eye makeup.

I had the hairdresser do my makeup because she was the one who had done it on my trial.  I should have looked at myself more closely before I left because when I got home I noticed that I had five eyelashes on each eye… that’s now much she had clumped the mascara!  It was waterproof and she had applied so many layers it was not going to budge.  I went back to the salon and asked her to remove it so I could redo it myself and she refused.  I ended up walking into Rite Aid all done up to buy eye makeup remover.  I removed all my eye makeup and redid it myself.  It came out 100% better!

After that little drama everything went smoothly, though if a bit of a blur to me now.  The profession pictures came out gorgeous and I’m just so happy.  Everyone was commenting that I was the calmest bride and nothing bothered me.  I would have to thank all the ladies on The Knot (especially those on (&)E) for telling it like it is.  I didn’t post much before the wedding, just lurked a lot, but I learned so much from other people’s posts.

So now we’re living on Grand Bahama Island while Chris is in his fourth semester.  He was here for the previous semester while I was still in Buffalo.  We will be moving to Miami for the fifth semester.

We live in an apartment complex called Sunset Lodge, which is only student housing.  The apartment is nice enough.  Chris creates such clutter though, I find it difficult to keep it as clean as I would like.  I am one of three wives at this campus and there is also once fiancée.  We all met the other day and chatted about Ross life.  It was enlightening a little bit.  I had to skip out early though because we were dropping some people off at the airport and then doing some grocery shopping.

The weather here has been suitable, though Chris says this is cold to him.  Today the high was 79 though the air was quite sticky.  It’s winter, though, and I’m sure by the time we get closer to leaving the island (at the end of April) the weather will be unbearable to me.  I absolutely hate hot weather.  It turns me into such a grouch!

That’s all for now!  I have to go start dinner for my new husband.


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