11 days to go!

22 Dec

It’s 11 days until the wedding and the start of our new life together.  I’ve been extremely stressed out and busy with wedding things and work, but after meeting with the photographer yesterday I’m feel much more on top of my to-do list and everything is falling into place in my head.

To go with Chris I need a visa (not sure what kind) which has been a long and complicated process.  It’s pretty straight forward actually, but remembering to get everything done has been difficult.  I filled out the application and had it notarized, I got the letter from the Doctor saying I had good health and a copy of my medical history.  I keep forgetting to ask two people for character references and I kept forgetting to get a police report.  Well we went yesterday to try and get that, but they only take check or money order for that.  I didn’t have a checkbook on me and forget a money order.  I couldn’t believe they only take cash.  I have to go tomorrow with my checkbook, but I’m running the risk of not getting it on time.  They said it takes six days, but that probably means business days and with the holidays coming there aren’t many of those left.

In other news, Chris said he got the apartment ready for me before he left.  He washed and changed the sheets, found me a nightstand, did the dishes and straightened up.  I was surprised he did all that, and it will probably be the last time.


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