Post-Shower Blues

21 Sep

So I’ve been pretty down since yesterday, but I actually don’t think it has that much to do with the shower being over.  It was definitely something to look forward too, but now there’s nothing in the immediate future to look forward too.  (Working with the overly strict floor manager later this week – definitely not something to look forward to).

But other than that, I’ve just been feeling down.  It might be female related.  Last night I couldn’t sleep and all I could think about was my dead cat.  And that I missed Chris.  Today I’m feeling sick, probably heat and lady time related, but I also am missing Chris more than usual.  I tried calling him just to hear his voice, but it’s so hard to get ahold of him when he’s at school.  He didn’t pick up and  that led to tears.  I can’t wait for the day when we’re married and I can hear his voice (what’s more I can see him!)  But we’re more than three months away from that.  It’s like I’m standing at the bottom of a tall hill and looking up at the top of it.  Am I going to make it?

So let’s talk about the shower!  I was very nervous for the games the girls had planned and just nervous in general to be in front of people and the center of attention, which is pretty much the opposite of my comfort zone.  So I couldn’t sleep literally all night and I felt nauseated in the morning as a result.  Of course, being tired adds to my panic issues.

But once I got to the shower I felt better.  Everyone was so nice me, telling me how nice I looked (I didn’t look especially nice).  My bridesmaid’s did a fantastic job putting everything together, so I know now I should have had more faith in them all along.  We all mingled for a little bit, then they stood in front of everyone, welcomed them, and introduced themselves.  Then they explained the games to be played.

First, everyone had picked a length of ribbon when they came in the party room.  They were told to “take as much as you think you’ll need,” but not told what it was for.  Well, the game was that they had to tell a story, a memory they had of me or Chris, and as they were telling it, they had to wrap the ribbon around their finger.  So people who took long ribbons had to tell longer stories.  Most people didn’t wind the ribbon.  I was the judge and I had to pick a winner to who had the best story.  Christina had the best things to say, but because she was a bridesmaid I couldn’t pick her.  The things she said were so sweet they made me cry.  She talked about how Chris cares about everyone, how he’s helped her through all her rough times, she reminisced about when she and I first met, and she concluded by talking about how Chris and I are perfect for each other, how we complete each other, and how I have a calming effect on him.  It was the perfect thing to say.  Anyway, I had to pick a runner up so I picked my aunt who told a cute story about how I saw her eating a piece of turkey off the floor at Thanksgiving and ran and told my mom.  It was cute and it was the most specific memory anyone came up with about me.  Everyone else was like, “Oh, I just remember all the get togethers we had at Christmas…” really, that’s all you’ve got?  Actually, it probably was because my mother didn’t let us socialize properly as children, but that’s a rant for another post.

The other game they had the guests play also involved ribbon.  Everyone was given a piece and whenever they heard someone say a wedding related word like “wedding, bride, dress, cake” etc they had to take that person’s ribbon.  Whoever had the most ribbon at the end won.  That was a fun game I think for the guests.

In addition to those two games, the girls had everyone write down some advice on index cards and put them into a keepsake box for me.  It was nice to come home from the shower, exhausted but happy, and get to read all those things.

The order of events at shower went like this: mingling, introductions/game explanation, ordered and at lunch, opened a couple presents, ate cake, opened the rest of the presents, thanked everyone myself for coming, a bit more mingling, and then as people began to leave I made sure I got a picture of myself with everyone.

I had gone three weeks without registry stalking, which was so very hard.  I got some great things and a few duplicates – lots of cookbooks and money bathroom accessories that I get to take back now and get store credit.  When I got home I went on the registry and poked around, and saw four or five items purchased that I didn’t receive that will obviously be for the wedding.  I’m very, very excited about one of those in particular!  I shouldn’t get into it though, I don’t think.

And I think that’s all I have to say now.  I feel a little better now, too!  I’m going to watch “Say Yes To The Dress” and then some “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”


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