Introductions & The Plan

18 Sep

Hello!  This is my first post on my new blog.  One I hope to keep up, unlike all the other failures.  Why do you want to read about me?  Because my life is changing drastically very soon and I might have something interesting to say about it.

I’m getting married January 2, 2010 to Chris.  We went to university together, where we met at one of his fraternity’s parties.  We realized pretty rapidly that we had a lot in common.  Not just silly things like favorite colors, but important things like religious beliefs and parenting philosophies.  By the third date, I pretty much knew I wanted to marry him.

So in June 2008 he proposed in one of our favorite parks.  I knew it was coming and yet I still started weeping like a baby!  And so began our 18-month engagement, which now only has three and a half months remaining.  We have all the major vendors done, so there’s only small stuff left.

What’s different about our engagement though is that we’ve spent the vast majority of it apart.  Chris is in med school in the caribbean and I am planning the wedding from here in Buffalo, NY.  He left in July 2008, came back November 2008, left again January 2, 2009 (one year to go at that point), came back April 2009 for a week, then came back August 2009 for a week.  Now I won’t see him until Christmas, just before the wedding.

After we’re married we’ll spend five days Honeymooning in Disney World.  From there we’ll drive three hours to Ft. Lauderdale, where we will then take a ferry to Grand Bahama Island, where Chris is a student at Ross University School of Medicine.  From there, we’ll be moving around frequently and I won’t bore you with that plan right now.

What inspired me to start this was Chris; tonight he was looking at booking our spots on the cruise line to ferry us to the Island.  We would have to be on the dock at 5:45 a.m. and that’s a little early for me!  I’ve browsed a few other Ross Spouses’ (they have an organization) blogs so I know a lot of wives keep them where they update about their experience, so I thought I would give it a go too, even though I’m not going to be setting foot on the island of Dominica, which is where most of them are.  It’s definitely a harsher island to live on than GBI.

So I think that’s all for now.  I’ll update after Saturday – which is my bridal shower!


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